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Special Collection: David E. Walker's Environment: David E. Walker Environment Collection

A libguide focusing on Florida's environment, inspired by David E. Walker.

About the Collection

About the David E. Walker Environment Collection

College of Central Florida, Citrus Campus Library houses the David E. Walker special collection on Florida environmental materials. 

Dedicated in October 1996 the collection has grown from items personally donated by Mr. Walker to materials both historical and current. Anyone with an interest in the environment, birding, or conservation is invited to browse the onsite collection or our online databases.

Like nature, the Walker special collection and its libguide are always growing. Please check back often for new material and articles.

It is with deepest gratitude to David E. Walker that we publish this libguide and keep his memory alive.

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The Walker collection has been described in newspapers as

  • "a portion of the library that would be stocked with books on natural resources, the environment and ornithology" (TBT July 23, 1996)
  • "endowment will be called the David C. Walker Naturalist Collection and it will be expanded into a separate wing in the future, CFCC Provost Dr. Frank Wright told the audience at the dedication ceremony." (October 20, 1996 | Tampa Bay Times (FL)...note typo of Walker's middle initial in article, should be E))

Quotes about the collection:

  • "In donating his research and books, Walker said it will gladden him if the collection helps to teach future generations about preserving the environment." (October 20, 1996 | Tampa Bay Times (FL))
  • "In 1996, when the Lecanto campus of the Central Florida Community College was opened, Stan Zawadzki, an admirer of David, pushed to have the campus named in honor of the man he called ""an example of the finest in American citizenship." That idea didn't fly, but David does have a presence at the campus. David contributed a portion of his extensive resource collection to the library, where students can now study his wildlife and birdwatching field guides."  (July 12, 1998 | Tampa Bay Times (FL))
  • "Among the programs cited by 20/20 leaders were the enhancement of the landscaping of Central Florida Community College's Lecanto campus, as well as helping establish the David Walker Memorial Library there;" (May 24, 1999 | Tampa Bay Times (FL))

Referred to as the:

  • Walker Environment Collection (shorthand commonly used by students, faculty, and staff)
  • David E. Walker Environmental Sciences and Florida Collection
  • David E. Walker Natural Resource Collection (via newspaper archives)
  • David Walker Memorial Collection (via newspaper archives)

The collection includes these topics and more:

  • Animals, plants, etc. native to Florida
  • Migrating animals that make Florida their home for part of the year
  • Archeology of Florida
  • Beaches and sands, gulf and ocean
  • Climate and weather of Florida (including hurricanes)
  • Coral reefs and marine life
  • Ecosystems of Florida
  • Environmentalists and stewards
  • Everglades
  • Forests and trees of Florida
  • Florida fossils
  • Florida landscapes
  • Mountains
  • People of Florida
  • Conservation and preservation efforts (including tiny things you can do)
  • Waterways and wetlands

We have also included wider subjects that mention aspects of or may impact Florida's environment, such as:

  • Nation-wide environmental issues
  • National Parks
  • Florida History and Folklore

In addition to books, the collection also houses:

  • Mr. Walker’s slide collection
  • Copies of plaques awarded to David Walker in recognition of various services
  • Newspaper articles about David Walker (preserved in electronic format)

keyword searches

The following keyword searches are useful when browsing the Library Search and Databases for information about David E. Walker.

  • "David Walker"
  • "David E. Walker"
  • "David C. Walker" (typo in several newspaper articles)
  • "David Walker" and "environment"
  • "David Walker" and audubon
  • "David Walker" and "Citrus County"
  • "David Walker" and "Lecanto"
  • "David Walker" and "Floral City"
  • "David Walker" and "Concerned Citizens of Citrus County"
  • "David Walker" and "On the Wing"
  • "David Walker" and "Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board"

Geographic Landforms

(courtesy of Geographic Information System, 2022)

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