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Nursing Literature Search

Guide to Researching for Nursing Students

This online guide acts as a roadmap for finding literature related to your nursing studies. Use the menu on the left to navigate through the different elements of nursing research, such as searching for literature, using it for your arguments, and citing properly. 

The pages on Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and PIO are relevant to nursing research and provide a refresher on the whywhat, and hows of developing a research question and literature search strategy.

Researching Literature contains guidance on

  • Tips and techniques for searching in the CF library catalog and databases
  • Types of sources and examples

Information on advanced functions in specific databases are available in Database Tutorials.

The How Do I...? page contains advice and examples for: 

  • Evaluating sources you find on the internet for reliability 
  • Reading a journal article efficiently 
  • Creating a synthesis matrix of evidence 
  • Incorporating your research into a literature table
  • Formatting your paper and appropriately citing sources in APA format

Still feeling lost? You can Get Help from CF librarians via phone, email, chat or in-person at our Ocala and Citrus campuses. 

Contact information for your health sciences librarian is displayed on the bottom left of every page.