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Using Citation Generators Effectively: Citation Generator Handout

How to Use Citation Generators Effectively

Since no citation generator tool is 100% accurate keep these issues in mind as you are working on your Works Cited or References page:
Database Article “Cite” Tools
In General (common to both MLA and APA citation styles)
  • Incomplete date of publication (usually just a year), should also include day, month, season etc.
  • Inconsistent capitalization (of authors, article title): ALL CAPS, no caps, Normal Caps
  • Author’s names may be backwards (instead of last name, first name it is first name, last name)
  • Date is available but system says n.d. (no date available)
  • Incorrect database title (may not be updated)
  • Sometimes doi is there but does not transfer over
  • May need to reformat your citations (including font and font size) once you copy and paste to Word
  • No spell check until copy and paste to Word
APA Only
  • If no doi, need a Retrieved from Database Title statement
  • Sometimes uses a web address from the database publisher rather than a database title
  • Only MLA samples available, not APA
  • If no author is listed, citation begins with the date, should be after the article title
  • Volume not italicized
Citation Generator Websites
  • Not necessarily up to date for MLA (8th ed.) and APA (6th ed.)
  •             In MLA, do not need the city of publication OR state
  •             In APA, the date of access is not required but may still list it in the citation created
  • Follow the rules to the extreme 
  • Doesn’t follow the rules and tells you to do it
  • May need to reformat your citations (including font and font size) once you copy and paste to Word
  • May charge you for “premium” services (EasyBib charges for APA)
Library Handouts
The last two pages were single spaced to conserve paper, your research paper and Works Cited and References pages should be double spaced (unless your teacher has other requirements).