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Using Citation Generators Effectively: Citation Generator Webpages

What is a Citation Generator?

If you type in the terms "citation generator" into Google, you will likely get thousands of results.  A citation generator can help you create a Works Cited or References page using forms that you fill out with information about your source and it can create your citation.  You can sometimes use the ISBN to find your book title.

Citation generators are also available in databases.  The system uses the detail information about your article (author, title, date of publication, etc.) and transfers it into different citation styles to varying degrees of success.  If you are unsure if the citation is correct, ask a librarian for input.

However, no citation generator is 100% correct.  Use them with caution.  See the handout for errors to look for when using citation generators.

Cite Fast: will allow you to create an entire Works Cited or References page.

Son of Citation Machine: can only create one citation at a time

 Son of Citation Machine: 



EasyBib: charges for APA citations