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Faculty Services at CF Citrus Library

What are Reserve items?

What are Reserve items?

We think of Reserve items as anything that can help your students. An item is provided by you, and the library houses the item for student use. Reserves are shelved in a separate area from the main collections.


Reserves can be your personal copy of an item or from the library’s collection. Browsing the library shelves and online catalog leads to discoveries - you may find just what you need. Personal copies/items owned by instructors will be labeled as such and returned to you when you specifyCopyright laws will be followed.


Examples are:

  • Textbooks (library does not automatically receive textbooks from publishers, etc.)
  • Required readings or viewings (example: Books and DVDs)
  • Extra credit assignments, newspapers, 3-D models, solutions manuals, etc.

How do Reserves benefit my students?

How do Reserve items benefit my students?

Students may use Reserve items outside of class time to study for tests, complete assignments, etc.

Reserves help increase their understanding of lectures and assignments, plus reduce stress. A copy of your current textbook is an ideal Reserve item.

How are items put on Reserve?

How are items put on Reserve?

We only need a minute or two of your time to verify your needs.

Bring any items to the library’s Circulation Desk and let staff know your preferences for student use (Example: make an item in-library use only, or loan it overnight, 2-day, etc.).

If you like, staff can talk with you about Reserves in more detail at any time.

Please allow 24 - 48 hours to process before student use.

Additional Opportunities for Faculty and Students

We look forward to working with you and your students. Along with Reserves, the CF Citrus Campus Library also offers you and your students:

  • On-site Library workshops:
    • Search tips – Basic to Advanced
    • Tailored to fit your assignments and class focus
  • 24/7 online access to:
    • Articles on everything from A – Z, peer-reviewed and scholarly
    • Ebooks (Nonfiction & Classic Fiction)
    • Streaming videos (informational & study aids)
  • Check out the collections:
    • Audio-Visual:  Videos and Electronics (movies & study aids)
    • Books (Fiction & Nonfiction, classics & popular reading)
  • Stay for the:
    • Innovation Center: 3D Printing, Nintendo Switch, Robots
    • Computers (Windows & Mac)
    • Printing & Copying (pay for print/copy)
    • Study Areas (tables, rooms, personal pods, & armchairs)