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Horror and Supernatural Collections: Home

Looking for media with horror, paranormal, or supernatural themes? This guide is a quick look into some of the titles we have to offer in our library and online. 

Staff Favorites

The Haunting of Hill House

What Nancy thinks: 

"One of the first and best horror novels that I've ever read. It's a psychological thriller guaranteed to keep you reading to the end of the book without putting it down. It will fill you with such terror that you won't sleep for days."

Parasyte 1

What Jherell thinks:

"A great manga for readers who don't shy away from body horror. The art and story in this one will definitely effect you!" 

Alien; 20th century edition

What Michelle thinks: 

"While Alien takes place in space and the future, I would definitely call this horror before sci-fi. The planet's environment is grim and the suspense and gore is just like a slasher film. The Xenomorph is definitely one of the scariest movie antagonists imagined."

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