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Fair Use Comics & Infographics



Comic Book: Fair Use of Unpublished Works

Fair Use of Unpublished Works: A Comic for Fair Use Week 2017, by Kyle K. Courtney, Jackie Roche, and Sarah W. Searle of the Harvard Library Office of Scholarly Communication.

Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music: Hip Hop Musicians vs. Music Publishers

Written by Kyle K. Courtney & Sarah W. Searle, additional writing & illustrations by Jackie Roche.

Fair Use in a Day in the Life of a College Student

This infographic, commissioned by the Association of Research Libraries, shows how reliant students are on fair use and the importance of fair use for everyone.

Fair Use Promotes the Creation of New Knowledge Infographic

This infographic was created in conjunction with Fair Use Week 2018, and illustrates how fair use advances innovation, creativity, and scholarship, ultimately allowing new knowledge to be created and shared.

Fair Use Fundamentals Infographic

This infographic commissioned by the Association of Research Libraries explains the importance and reach of fair use, who uses fair use, and provides examples.