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Academic Integrity: Ethical Writing

Ethical Writing

Original ideas

Create and express your own ideas.
By doing research on your topic you will become more familiar with a subject, what is being discussed, and what has been written, which can fuel ideas. Your way of presenting information and your ideas will be different and that is valuable.
Any time that you include information or ideas in your work that have come from somewhere other than your own mind, you must cite the source of the information.


Quotes are best saved for times where
  • language or wording is unique or especially moving
  • where details or technical accuracy are required
  • when emphasis is needed
When quoting: name the source in your work, use quotation marks, and cite your source.


To paraphrase is to give your own version, in your own words, of information or ideas expressed by someone else. Paraphrasing also requires a citation.
Paraphrasing requires rereading articles, book chapters, and other information which will help you better understand the meaning of what you read about and study.



Want help with writing?

Contact the Ocala Campus Writing Center or the Citrus Campus Learning Support Center.