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Low Tech

Find out about the Innovation Center's low tech, craft items.

Low Tech Policy

This rolling cart is intended for use when students or staff need to work on a project that requires crafting supplies, such as for making posters, art projects, crafts, mathematics manipulative activities, etc.

This equipment has the following Low-Tech Space Terms & Conditions

  • CF students & staff can request use of this equipment by submitting a request to the CF Library Staff, either in C2-202, call 352-249-1205, or email . The Library reserves the right to refuse any request.
  • Currently, the CF Innovation Center low-tech space/equipment can be used by CF Students or Staff for educational, college-related, or personal reasons, but please observe the following rules:
    • Leave the room clean and tidy
    • If we are getting low on any supplies, please notify a staff member so we can order more
  • The CF Library currently does not charge for use of this equipment.