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Accessing the Wireless Network


The laptop must have a wireless card to access the wireless network.


Because the wireless connection is not secure, laptop users must check a dialog box acknowledging that fact before they can use it.

  • Turn the laptop on.

  • Look for the icons on the taskbar at the bottom right hand side of the laptop.

  • Find the icon that looks like two computers, with a mouse-overtext box saying “No wireless connection.”

  • Click the icon.

  • A window appears that says “View available wireless connections.”

  • cfnet should be highlighted but but before the laptop can connect the user must check the warning that says: “Allow me to connect even though it is not secure.”  

  • Hit enter or OK and the laptop should be connected.

Computer Guidelines

As a CF computer network user, you agree to:

  • Use the computers to improve skills, perform research, write papers, complete assignments or work on other functions related to your learning experience.

  • Abide by copyright and other state and federal laws relating to computer use.

  • Refrain from using the computer to play games, or visit chat rooms unrelated to a class or a specific assignment.

  • Avoid questionable or sexually explicit Web sites including but not limited to pornographic, illegal, or otherwise offensive locations

  • Refrain from changing, installing or downloading anything on CF computers.

  • Leave technological equipment and/or academic resources as you have found them in the labs.

  • Use headphones or earbuds when using any programs that produce
    . The volume at which music or other audio files are played must be kept at a level that is not audible to other people in the vicinity.

  • Report any problems with computers to the appropriate technician or room supervisor.









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