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Will McLean
Bibliography of Will McLean Florida Folk Music Collection


Unless otherwise noted, all videotapes are VHS format.

Cracker Day. Tampa, FL. 14 May.

Cracker Saturday Nite . Mar. 1987.

Feathers on the Wind- Will Fest 2005. 27 Jun. 2005.

Florida Folk Festival. 1985.

Gamble Rogers.

Gamble Rogers in Concert at the A.R.T. Coffeehouse at the Thomas Center. Gainesville, FL. 5 Jan. 1991.

Gamble Rogers Solo Performance. Videotape (KCS).

Gore's Landing Dedication.

Pickin' at Lighthouse Park, St. Aug. for Will McLean. 21 Jan. 1990.

Tribute to Will McLean- 38th Florida Folk Festival. White Springs, FL. 26 May 1990.

Will Fest 2000. (3 tapes) 2000.

Will Fest 2000. (3 tapes)

Will Fest 2001. (5 tapes) Mar. 2001.

Will Fest 2001. (7 tapes) 2001.

Will Fest 2003. (4 tapes) 2003.

Will Fest 2005. (7 tapes) 2005.

Will McLean. Emerson, Starr [filmed by].

Will McLean.

Will McLean.

Will McLean and Friends. (2 tapes) Schwartz, Philip H. [filmed by]. Gainesville, FL. 24 Apr. 1990.

Will McLean Folk Fest 2000. White Springs, FL. 16 Jun. 2001.

Will McLean Memorial Service. Will McLean Foundation. Gainesville, FL. 24 Jan.1990.

Will McLean. Ballew Memorial. Butterfield. 14 Aug. 1987.




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