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Will McLean
Bibliography of Will McLean Collection

Newspaper and Periodical Articles

"Will McLean's Songs..." Tampa Tribune. 18 Nov. 1977.

“Action Line.” Tallahassee Democrat. 16 Aug 1970.

“Action Reaction.” Tallahassee Democrat. [21 Aug. 1970].

“Billy Bowlegs, Legendary Seminole, Dies at 102.” St. Petersburg Times. [1964].

“First Ochlockonee Festival Under Way.”

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“Florida Troubadour Sings This Week.”

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“Folk Song is Answer to Protests.”

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“Foster Festival is Area Classic.”

“It's Folk Festival Time at SFC.” The Leader. 25 May 1979.

“Library Lists Local Authors.” [Tallahassee Democrat].

“Mall is Swinging.” [Tallahassee Democrat].

“McLean Joining Lais At Gallery.”

“McLean: My Soul is a Hawk.” White Springs Leader. 25 May 1978.

Photograph of McLean & Lais. St. Petersburg Independent. 13 Sep. 1982.

“Restoring the Kissimmee.”

“Sunshine at Village Center.” 26 Jul. 1979.

“Tallahassee Author Has a New Book.”

The Compass. 5 Apr. 1985.

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Florida Bluegrass News. Mar./Apr. 1985.

“The Florida 'Troubadour' - Will McLean of Tallahassee.”

“The Green Swamp.”

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“Will McLean Featured at Stephen Foster.” White Springs Leader. 20 Apr. 1978.

“Will McLean to Appear at Flagler Museum.” Palm Beach Post-Times. 15 Mar. 1970.

"Will McLean, a Tallahassean whose talent for writing and singing folk ballads took him to Carnegie Hall last September…"

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Young, Israel G. “Frets and Frails.” April/May 1967.


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