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The CF Library Special Collections are an eclectic collection of books, videos and memorabilia on a wide variety of subjects including Florida folk music, architecture, horses, wisdom traditions and cancer research. The Library’s special collections are located in either the Special Collections room, 3-103, on the first floor across from the Circulation Area or upstairs in the regular collection. About seventy percent of the book collections are available for check-out for three weeks with a valid student ID or Community Borrower card. If an item is in the locked cabinets in the Special Collections room, please see a Library staff member for access. Most items in the locked cabinets are accessible for research but not available for check-out.

The CF Library Special Collections include the following:

The Hartigan Equine collection, established in 1986 in memory of John and Sandy Hartigan, well-known Ocala horse farmers, and shelved on the 2nd floor, south side in the SF section, is the oldest special collections in the CF Library.

The Scott Brown Wisdom Traditions collection, established in 1989 by Scott Brown’s parents, in memory of their son, a CF student who passed away in 1988, is housed in the Special Collections room.

The Ocala Royal Dames Cancer Research collection established in 2002 in memory of Theresa Castro, is shelved on the 2nd floor, south side in the RC section.

The Will McLean Florida Folk Music collection was donated by Margaret Longhill, the president of the Will McLean Foundation, to honor Florida’s Troubadour and is housed in the Special Collections room.

The most recent collection, the Manny Abraben Architecture collection, was donated in 2010 and is also housed in the Special Collections room.






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